Scorpion Venom’s Crossbow Rail Lube.  should appeal to the growing legions of crossbow enthusiasts.  Logalbo says it is chemically composed to provide “extreme slip without tackiness.” In other words, his Rail Lube “takes the fun out of friction.” Apply the odorless, waterproof lubricant directly to the rail or arrow track in one or two passes of the mess-free applicator. There is no need to wax the serving which contacts or rides along the top of the rail as this, Logalbo says, “will eventually cause wax build-up which will attract dust and dirt.” Then a shooter gets serving separation and friction, which causes string wear and broken strands, resulting in shots that perform at less than their peak performance. Of course, broken strands can also lead to string failure and that is potentially catastrophic with a high energy crossbow –

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