Samick Lion Wooden Fieldbow

String & nock fitted for free


The Samick Lion is a one-piece recurve field bow.

Free offer: We will fit the string and knock to your bow for no extra charge. So when it arrives it’ll be ready to shoot.

It is both quick in performance and great to look at.

The Samick Lion is a one-piece 60″ recurve field bow.

Fast in performance but feels great to shoot and is very popular with field archers. The Samick lion is a simple, lightweight field bow from made from laminated exotic woods with black fiberglass limb facings, this is a well-crafted bow for its price point.

The Samick Lion is ideal as a first traditional bow, or for the more experienced archer on a budget.

Right-hand Samicks are in stock now. Left-hand bows are available but are special order.

Samick Lion Wooden Fieldbow
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