Reign Bowstrings was created with one simple vision: to manufacture the best strings in the industry to help you achieve your goals. Using only the finest materials available and innovative construction methods, we provide you with not only a great looking string but one that demonstrates consistent performance, time after time and the efficiency to help you get to the top of your game.

All Reign recurve strings are pretensioned to 300lb, twisted to length and then served under tension. Using 0.014″ Halo braided serving for the ends (the most durable in the industry); each loop serving is uniquely constructed in 1 piece with just a single strand of overlay at the join of the loop. No massive build up to throw the string off course as it comes back to the limb, ours allow the string to naturally return to the limb groove more consistently. The twists are locked into place under the serving to increase the strength of the loops and eliminate serving separation. The centre is served with a larger diameter Halo serving under maximum tension to give you the perfect nock fit and a cleaner release from your fingers.

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