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It’ll be delivered ‘ready to shoot’ with string and nock fitted

Recurve bows are often more powerful than traditional straight limbed bows. The bent limbs allow a greater transferal of energy to the arrow when fired. Also recurves are one of the most popular bow types there is. They are simple when compared to compound bows, however they can still be fitted with sights, peeps and rests and buttons.

Phoenix archery sell a wide range of recurve bows. We mainly have right-handed bows for sale, but we can get left-handed versions of most of the recurves we sell.

If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ring our shop on 01282 425 967. We can make sure you pick the draw weight for your size, height and pull.

We can also help you find the correct arrow type to match your bow a minimise any firing problems. And if you need good quality bow string, we sell those too.