Phoenix Archery has the new 2019 Obsession bows for sale. We are an authorized UK dealer of Obsession Bows. And we have access to the sell full range of these amazing line of compound bows.

If you are looking for a compound which is fast, smooth, and comfortable to shoot then you should consider an Obsession. You won't regret buying a compound bow from this manufacturer.

Obsession is a relatively new bow maker when compared with established compound bow brands like Matthews, PSE, Hoyts, Bear, etc. But Obsession are making bows which really do stand out in a crowded archery industry.

At Phoenix, we've had many die-hard shooters who are loyal to other established compound brands switch to Obsessions after trying them. Why? It's because these bows are just straight out amazing to shoot. Honestly, come to our shop and try one. You will not be disappointed.

Obsession bows are highly customizable. The risers, limbs, and cams all come in a wide range of colours. You can pick these colours when your order your Obsession bow from us. There are 100’s variations to choose from.

Kids and women compound shooters are not left out of the picture either. Obsession has you covered. You’ll want to check out the Obsession Hashtag bow.

Another great thing about these bows are the prices. Unlike other compound manufacturers, they don't increase their prices dramatically every year. If you compare this year’s bows with last year’s, you'll find they pretty much the same.

They are great bows for hunting, target shooting and field archery.

Phoenix archery doesn’t stock Obsession bows direct. When you buy an Obsession bow from us, it's built and order, and shipped directly from the Obsession in the USA.

This is the same for every UK archery show who sells Obsessions. There are simply too many parts, bits, specifications to these bows, so it'd be impossible to stock every variation of them.

However, we’re massive fans of Obsession. So, we often have a couple of different Obsession models on hand which you can try out. So, if you want to test these compound bows please get in touch and come to the shop.

You'll be able to test them on our indoor 10m and 25m archery ranges. Our archery ranges are onsite and adjoined to our archery shop. We're one of the only UK archery shops which have 2 full sized archery ranges and a fully stocked shop.