New Gear Review: Cross-X Archery Arrow Shafts (an introduction)

We’ve just made a short video of showing off these stunning new arrow shafts we’re supplying.

You can watch it by clicking the link below:

They’re made by Cross-X.

They come in a lovely wide range of colours and sizes.

And these arrows easily equal (and often surpass) some of the more well-known (and more expensive) arrow makes.

We’ve tested them, and had a few customers test them too. And so far the feedback has been great.

Stay tuned as we’re going to be testing some Cross-X models with the shops’ bows. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show you how fast these arrows are as we’ll be putting them through our chronograph.

You can view these arrow shafts by clicking here.

PS: if you want to try them yourself please feel free to pop into the shop and try them. Also, we can cut them to size if you want.

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