You’ll find we’re one of the friendliest archery ranges in the UK. So you can shoot whilst having a good laugh and a lot of fun

Would you like to know why we have one of the best indoor archery ranges in the UK?

Because we have an archery shop with 100’s of the latest archery items for sale, and we have TWO indoor ranges to shoot on.

Plus, we’re one of the only fully stocked archery shops in the UK with direct access to a 25-meter archery range.

Both our ranges are directly linked to our shop. And both the 10m and 25m ranges are INSIDE our shop building.

Come to the shop, walk a few steps, and you’re out on our shooting ranges.

No travelling involved… You have a roof over your head… And you’re out of the wind and bad weather.

You’ll have perfect shooting conditions and a long 25-meter range to shoot on. And there is plenty of new archery (and 2nd hand) items on hand for you to test too.

Also, we have an archery tuning workshop in our store: complete with bow presses, tools, and other equipment.

So we can fix, tune, and help you solve your shooting problems.

You can shoot in the warm, test your equipment, try new archery gear, and get your bow tuned. All in one place and in one building.

achery range with shop
Linked to our two ranges is a fully stocked archery shop with 100s of items to choose from

What archery shooting ranges do you have?

We have a 10m archery shooting range and a 25m range on site.

Our small range can shoot around 4 archers at a time. And our bigger archery range can accommodate around 6 shooters at the same time.

All our ranges are well lit, marked out, and they have a variety of circles, animal, and paper targets for you to shoot.

All our targets are mounted on sturdy and well-made bosses. We only use good quality bosses on our range to decrease the likelihood of arrow damage.

You shoot the same bosses as our club members and the shop owners. We don’t switch them just because we don’t know you.

You have a range of targets to choose from. And we only use decent quality bosses on our range


small shooting range
Our small 10-meter range. Perfect for testing bows and tuning setups

Our well-stocked archery shop is directly linked to both our ranges. So, if any of our archery equipment catches your eye, you’ll only have to walk a few yards before you’re able to test it on our range.

Our archery store stocks many popular archery brands including Hoyt, Buck Trail, AAE, Decut, Obsession and many more.

We also have nearly a 100 bows on display including various compound bows, recurves, takedown bows, traditional bows and Olympic style bows too. So, no matter what style of archery you shoot we’ll have something that will interest you.

Also, we buy and sell 2nd hand limbs too. So if you’re an ILF archer we can possibly arrange a  part exchange against a new riser or limbs.

And remember: you can try all our shop equipment for free on our shooting ranges.

archery club members
You can shoot any type of bow on our range. Including high powered compounds

Can children, kids or juniors use your archery range?

Yes, they can. As long as they have completed some form of beginners course they can use our ranges. We do require proof of this before they’ll be allowed to shoot.

Also, young children must be supervised by an adult when shooting on our range.

How much do you charge for archery range hire?

We charge £6 per hour for range hire.

You can also rent archery equipment from us too.

And, if you want to improve your archery, you can always book a course of archery lessons with us.

Where are you located?

Our archery range is located in Burnley, Lancashire, in the North West of England. The shop is approx 10 mins away from the M65.

And our archery range is around 40 minutes away from Manchester and approx an hour away from Leeds.  

You can find more details about our location here.

How do I book an hour on your range?

It’s easy. Just turn up during opening hours. Our opening hours are:

Tues – 10AM – 8pm
Weds – 10AM – 8pm
Thurs – 10AM – 8pm
Friday – 10AM – 5pm
Sat – 10AM – 5pm

Important: If it’s your first time visiting our shop you’ll need to provide proof that you’ve completed a beginners course or an introductory archery course. We need to see this for insurance purposes.

After you’ve paid your £6 you’ll be free to shoot for the hour. We take cash and all major credit cards.

If you have any more questions just get in touch.

Also, be sure to check out our big archery FAQs too. We answer lots of questions on that page.

Our rave reviews from previous shooters

We have over 85+ 5-star Facebook & Google reviews. You can read some of them below

Jason Sawdy

I drove for 5 hours to visit Phoenix Archery for a little help and some arrows. I’d been advised by a friend or two Phoenix was very good and reliable – but that is an understatement.

The owner brought me up, took my bow and with in seconds realised what was wrong.

No sooner was the issue diagnosed, it was in the press and being fixed. They took their time, explained what was wrong, and how they resolve it.

And I need to say that Mark and his team is a team of artisans. They are masters of their guild, and I will happily drive 500 miles to not just visit the store or the range they have on site to help you buy the correct equipment, but I will happily visit the staff, the team and the club members. Thank you everyone at Phoenix Archery, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Robert White

I cannot recommend this place enough, such a friendly place, amazingly helpful an a depth of knowledge to suit. it’s the only place I’ll be going from now on. thay even have an indoor range to test out their products. 10/10

Yazz-Mercedes Proctort

Amazing shop and amazing staff. Will always recommend the best and help with any problems you might have. Good facilities here with the range.

Peter Palmer

I can’t rate this place highly enough. The shop has everything you need and the staff are always helpful. Had lessons with my partner and 6 year old son and now we are all members. Would highly recommend!

Damien Morrissey

My wife and two girls had a coaching session today and loved it. They went from complete novices who did some archery on outward bounds courses to consistently hitting the target. The instructions were personalised and all three of them shot better by the end. Thanks Mark and the team

Paul Gotthardt

My kid’s have completed their first archery beginner’s course and they love it! The instructors are first rate and very understanding of young and old and it is never too much hassle for them to answer any questions. There is a great vibe in the place and all the members are very friendly (who I have met). The shop stuff is also first rate and anything they do not have in stock they can obtain for you at prices below what I have compared online (to the extent that my sons have two new compound bows on order from the USA)

David Lovett

Bought my first bow after one lesson. The most knowledgable and helpfull staff ive encountered in any retail . There is no sales pressure, just lots of patience and a friendly, safe environment for the sport. Added bonus – the only full size practice range of its kind in the uk with a fully stocked shop attached. I walked out smiling.

Paul Ashton

I called in whilst in the area and I have to say that Mark and his team were really great. The shop is very well stocked and Mark is very knowledgable and helpful. I’ll be back for more! Thanks Mark.

Guy Williams

I’ve gotta say want a fantastic place this is. You walk through the doors and the shop is, well it’s a bit like my perfect shop!

The guys there seemed really friendly & knowledgeable. I’ve had a taster lesson with Mark. What a bloke. Great craic and knows what he’s talking about too. Within 3 arrows I was in the gold!!

Price wise, I would say they are more than competitive. All of their stock is better value than anywhere I have found. The staff are so friendly & the group of people who were there shooting (and a hell of a lot of banter/laughter) were a great bunch of people.

I have been to other archery places and well. To put it bluntly, the people here don’t have their heads up their arse & don’t shun you for never being behind a bow.

I took my 8yr old son & 12yr old daughter who enjoyed it equally as much. So much so daddy is being nagged to buy some bows! This place is very addictive. I can see me visiting there often.

The prices for using the range are unbelievable too! Only £5 per hour in the range – the guys there will help and advise you foc & you don’t feel like you’re hassling them. If you want the best though, do what I did.

Become a member (yes I became a member after 1 visit!!) £25 a month for UNLIMITED use of the range along with a 5% discount off things in the store.

I can see me getting into this!

Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome & not like I didn’t belong. I’ll be back tomorrow

Boon Bear

Absolutely can not fault this place. Mark and his staff are incredibly passionate about the sport and they will do everything they can to help. Amazing customer service, a real gem!

David Shepherd

The go-to place for archery – really. I had my 1-1 lessons here and haven’t looked back. Advice is frank, free and impartial – just ask and Mark will tell it like it is, you are an archer not just a customer.

Far more than just a shop with a range. The range though is excellent, 25 well-lit yards all marked out. Joining as a member you can use it whenever you want for as long as you want, and there’s a member’s discount on the already very fair prices for bows, arrows and all the other stuff. Then there’s the nearby wood to go and play in.

I’ve not found anywhere else that comes near the services and support on offer here. And Mark has offered no extra inducement for me to post this! Highly recommended.