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In this section, you can find info and results for some of the archery competition shoots we attend.

Thanks to our great training program and archery lessons, our archery club does often do well. We win a lot.

If you join our archery club you’ll have the option to attend these shoots with us.

You’ll be in the open air, surrounded by stunning countryside, with a great atmosphere and good people. It’s a nice healthy way to kill a weekend.

Also, the real skill in archery comes when you start shooting outdoors. Shooting static targets indoors is fun. But shooting outdoors is harder – but more fun and immensely satisfying.

If you think this looks fun then contact us and book some archery lessons. After you complete your lessons you’ll be able to join us on these shoots and you can compete if you wish.

North Lakes Open Archery Competition 7/4/19

North Lakes Open Archery Competition 7/4/19

Over 133 Archers traveled to the North Lakes Open on Sunday 7th April. This was a record number for the North Lakes Field Archers who organized the shoot. Many members at Phoenix (Team Firebird) attended the shoot. Here are the results: Mark Duerden (the owner of this site and Phoenix) won the unlimited class Janet […]