Welcome to my archery equipment shop. My name is Mark Duerden – I’m a former championship archer who’s been shooting over 20 years.

And I’m here to help you, even if you’ve never used a bow before.

If you’d like to learn a little more about us just click one of the links below…

Are you new to archery? Click here

If you’re new to archery I’d suggest visiting our archery shop in Burnley, Lancashire. It’s easy to buy the wrong item if new to the sport.

Visit our archery store and we promise to find you the best archery equipment for the smallest amount of money.

But, before you invest in anything, I recommend trying our archery taster lesson.

We provide all the equipment you need in our taster lessons. After this single hour long lesson you’ll have a clearer idea of the archery style you like and the size and weight of bow you need. Without this lesson it’s hard to figure this stuff out.

But don’t wait around.

We only have a few archery lesson slots available. So book today and don’t miss out.

If you’re still confused and need help get in touch.

Contacting us is free, as is our advice.

You can also ring on 01282 425967 or click here to email us.

You’ll be in good hands. We promise you a warm welcome and the brews are on us.

We have a reputation of being a friendly archery store which you can trust.

If you are still unsure then check out some our 5-star reviews here.

Are you an experienced archer? Click here

for the experienced archer…

At Phoenix we love archery. We only sell items that we’d use ourselves.

Shop with us and you’re dealing with experts who are still active and competing in the sports.

We’re archery lovers who are lucky enough to have access to the very latest archery equipment.

We’ll make sure you end up the best and latest gear.

And if we can find you a cheaper item which does the same job, we’ll tell you – that’s a promise.

You can order archery products online from my archery shop. Or you can try and test kit for free at our psychical shop.

To us you are a fellow archer, not just another customer.

Phoenix Archery has a 10m & 25m indoor range so you can shoot whatever the weather. Plus, we’ll be on hand to offer you free, frank and impartial advice.

We have top brands like: Hoyt, PSE, Obsession, Buck Trail, Matthews and many more. And we sell various bow types including traditional bows, recurves, takedown, compounds, flatbows, hybrids, and cross bows.

Plus, we sell archery arrows too: including carbon, wood. And I can make arrows for you as well (just get in touch about this).

Additionally, we sell a range of archery accessories, including gloves, rests,various bow strings, buttons and many more items.  A we sell a range of paper, 3Ds and animal faces archery targets.

Likewise, we have a great selection of kid’s archery gear. So, sharing the love for archery with your kids or grand kids is easy. We can help you with this.

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